Thursday, July 26, 2007

Showers with Thunder

This is what the local Met services guys say, and judging by the weather these few days, I am inclined to believe them.

So, I could whine about:
  1. Flooded transition area.

  2. Extra murky/yucky open water swim (the storm sewers discharge out to the sea, so we have encountered branches, plastic bags and even old rusting buckets in the sea after a storm).

  3. Running in wet, heavy shoes.

Or, I could Praise God for:

  1. Cool weather - I'll rather be wet than be over-heated (race starts at 11:15am!) or dehydrated. Although it says max of 32 C / 90 F, I don't think it has passed 30 C / 86F the last couple of days. It ain't much, but a few degrees make all the difference in hot and humid Singapore.
  2. Prior experience of doing my last Sprint Tri after after a over-night storm - flooded transition area and extra murky/yucky open water swim (so I know what to expect this time).

  3. Recovery from the cold I caught - still snorting out a little yellowish stuff, but I feel much better.

  4. Kewl New Balance race belt that came with the race kit - almost bought the same thing some weeks back. (Yup, I've collected the race pack, the pressure's on!)

  5. Since I could not train (thanks to the cold), I did the next best thing -> I cleaned off all that gunk from my chain & drive train accumulated over the many months, and re-lubed everything. That *HAS* got to count for something.

  6. LBS managed to (FINALLY) locate and eradicate irritating squeak from my rear wheel - it took me a lot of persistence and 3 visits to the LBS, but they finally narrowed it down to the spokes on my rear wheel (GASP! Was I about to break my wheel?). The mechanic tightened the spokes and *hey presto!* no more irritating squeak! Sometimes, it pays to be PERSISTENT.


Thanks so much for the prayers and words of encouragement. Train safe and God Speed!


Robin said...

I think your option of praising God about the things you list totally outweighs the whining list. ;-)

You are going to do great! I know it. You are so well trained for this Olympic race. Believe it (for it's true) and go have a great time!

I am so excited for you!

Robin said...

PS: I love the tag line on the swim cap: "INSPIRING LIFE".

Cliff Tam said...


Get that bike (and yourself) ready for the big day.

I am asking my chruch to see if i can share my Ironman experience in front of the congregation. Will let you know how that goes :o)

Try@thlete said...

Good luck for OSIM!

PS Doesn't the MET office always say "showers expected in late morning, early afternoon. Temperature btw 27 and 33 deg, high tide 2.1m at blah ...."

LouBob said...

I agree, you are going to BE GREAT!
Have a good one.