Saturday, September 30, 2006

iPOD Newbie

Been thinking of getting this beauty for some time now, and I think I just might do it next week when I am in Hong Kong (seems it is cheaper there than even in Singapore). The plan is to "record" my favourite Christian Music Internet Radio so I have something uplifting to listen to in my flights and runs - hopefully it will help me worship more.

But here's where I need help - how do I record Internet Radio into a MP3 file that the iPOD can play? Do I need special software to do that, and if so are there freeware or shareware that I can use? I am thinking worse case I write down the titles of the songs on the Christian Music Internet Radio that I like and try to buy them off iTunes, but it would be great if I could record and playback the entire radio program since they already have a great mix of songs.

What exactly is a podcast? All I know is that they can be saved as MP3 files and I have tried a few but are they all talk shows? Where can I find music podcasts? More specifically, are there Christian music podcasts?

Thanks all, train safe and God Speed!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

17 Minutes..

That's how long it took me to change my very 1st flat last Sunday, but in mitigation it wasn't my bike. Was out biking along my usual route when I noticed a fellow cyclist "stranded" on the opposite side of the road. I've been in that position before with my old bike, and was amazed at how all the other cyclists seem to just turn a blind eye. Maybe they don't wanna interrupt their training session, or maybe they don't know how to change a flat, who knows? But not a single rider stopped when I last had a flat (and I was too "green" to carry a spare tube then).

I was in a hurry to finish my ride, as the wife and kids were waiting for me to get home so we could send my sis-in-law & family to the airport after the ride (they were visiting from Australia), but I figured no excuses this time, just stop and help. I knew this would delay me, but was thinking that I will skip the run and still be able to make it to the airport. There's a price to pay to being a Samaritan, and Jesus' loving grace frees us to do just that - I ain't gonna sweat about missing the run, He's big enough to "make it up" for me. As I got nearer, I saw that it was a beautiful Orbea tri bike, and the rider sheepishly asked me if I knew how to change a flat - he was trying to change the flat while the wheel was still on the bike, so I figured I knew a little bit more than he did. :D

Turns out he was fully equiped with a spare tube, tyre irons (plastics?) and a mini pump, just never had to change a flat before. Thank God he had one of them Kevlar beaded tyres so it didn't take too much effort to get that tyre off and on again - mental note to self: maybe I should consider tyres with Kevlar beads.

I got home just in time to see my dear wife drive off to send her sister & family to the airport sans the kids and myself, and she didn't look too impressed with ol' Nitrox for arriving late. Yikes, the price for being a Samaritan just went up! Can't do much about it now, so I sent a quick text message begging for forgiveness and went for my run to complete the brick. :D

Happy ending: Got the run in to complete the brick, and my dear wife wasn't too upset with me. Best of all, I had the opportunity to be a blessing to someone else. Praise God!

Until next time, train safe boys and gals, and God Speed!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Has it been a MONTH already since I last posted?!?! Sorry guys/gals, I resolve to post more regularly henceforth (and perhaps slightly shorter posts). :o)

Well, I actually haven't been up to much - just work, family time and trying to find time to train. I think I have finally come to accept that I am truly an accidental triathlete now - it is really tough trying to keep to some sort of training schedule when I have to prioritize training after work and family, so I have learnt to accept my small goals (just one Sprint Tri this year and a Olympic Distance Tri next year) and to enjoy whatever training time I have.

In the spirit of keeping my posts short and hopefully more regular, I will just jump straight into telling you about my latest bike upgrade - the Fizik Arione Triathlon saddle and a Thompson Elite (zero offset) seat post to replace my Scott CR1 Team stock saddle and seatpost (a rather hard Selle San Marco saddle and the Ritchey Comp seat post). Here's a picture of the new saddle/seat post on my bike. :)

Took it for my usual weekend 60km ride and I must say that compared to the stock saddle, the Arione Tri feels like a sofa. :) I like to scoot to the nose of the saddle when in aero position on the flats and move back a bit to sit on the "bum" of the saddle when climbing (yes, there are the rare few hills in Singapore), and the Arione Tri is very comfortable in both positions.

The Thompson seat post has zero offset so I now sit closer to the handle bars which seems to help me spin easier (been trying to ride in the 90-95 rpm cadence instead of my usual 85-90 rpm). Most importantly, sitting closer to the handle bars seem to help on the run as well. I have been getting a disturbing "popping" sound coming from my right knee when I start running after the bike. No pain or anything, but I found the "popping" sound to be rather alarming all the same. :) Well, I am glad to report that with this new set up, there is no more weird popping noise. Here's hoping it stays that way!

Until next time, take care, train safe and God Speed!