Saturday, August 13, 2005

Happy National Day...

Ok, I am sick of people saying "Happy Birthday Singapore!" when technically it is more like an Independence Day, so I will just say "Happy National Day!". You know what? Even though I have spent a few fun years in the States/Canada during varsity days, and my job brings me to most parts of the Asia Pacific, I am always glad to come home to Singapore. Yes, I do have favourite holiday places outside Singapore, and I even participate in griping about Singapore and the behaviour of some Singaporeans sometimes, but the bottomline is that I am very thankful that the Lord has chosen Singapore to be my home.

Thank You Lord, that we are able to praise and worship you openly where we live. I thank You that as a nation, we worry more about GDP and growth index than about where our next meal is coming from, and whether our homes will survive the next storm. I pray that we will learn to be a channel of Your blessings to the nations around us, least you choose to bless the world through someone else. Amen!

Brought the family to the Carnival at the Marina over the National Day weekend - the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) put together a great carnival - there were fire engines, firemen uniforms (see pic above), tanks, guns, parachutes, ships, all open to the public to touch, feel and climb into. To top it all off, there was even a anti-piracy demo involving a tanker (ship), naval commandos, a helicopter and lots of blanks and flashbangs. My boys came back wanting to be commandos when they grow up so I would say that the SAF organised a good recruitment drive today. ;)