Thursday, May 26, 2005

Month Number Three

WOW... almost at the end of month 3. Have not been updating my blog for almost 2 months - was discouraged when I found out that I cannot add pictures to it anymore using "Hello!". Also discovered that the Polar 625X comes with a nice training log software so I have stopped updating my training log here. Sorry!

Been getting dis-illusioned with blogspot and trying to find a better place to host my blog... Besides nto being able to post pictures using "Hello" (the only method I know how to post pictures), I also found that not all my post titles are displayed on the right bar. Perhaps it is time for me to learn HTML. :(

My motivation for pursuing Intentional Discipleship & the Sprint Triathlon has not changed though. So what's new? Well, I have signed up for the Sprint event in the OSIM Triathlon (2-3 July)! This is much earlier than my original target to participate in the Coporate Triathlon scheduled in Oct. I have been joining some friends in their training for the Olympic distance and I decided I might go for the Sprint event after all. I am probably not 100% prepared for the Sprint event, but with all the encouragement (peer pressure?) I am getting, I decided to go for it.

Will post more details on my preparations next time...