Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm Back! And I have moved...

Yup, after an absence of 4 months I am back on blogger, but I have moved to a new blog which I am calling "Life to the Full"

I've been doing a lot of soul-searching in the time I have been away, and I have come to the conclusion that I will focus more on what REALLY matters to me - God's awesome grace and His incredibly wise method to use us to save ourselves.

To be honest, it was also getting depressing talking about my Olympic/International and Sprint distance triathlon training/races amidst the incredible Ironman/Ironwomen/Marathoners here in blogger. :-) You just have to trust me when I say that I am still training and racing when I can (go on to my 1st post in the new blog to see photographic proof). :-)

To my old buddies, please come on over to my new blog and sorry it took me so long to find myself in blogsphere. For the newcomers (and I am praying there will be some new readers) :-), please do swing on over too and please, please be patient with my bungling attempts to record His incredible wisdom and miraculous grace in my life.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Off the Grove...

Just a quick note to confirm that, Yup, I am definitely off the training and blogging grove. 4 weeks of non-activity since "My Inaugral Olympic Distance Triathlon That Was NOT To Be". Here are 2 pictures from the said event.

Thanks for the well wishes, prayers and encouragement. I am not sure if I will be taking a longer break, or jumping back into the swing of things soon, motivation has gone WAY down. I was toying with the idea of getting myself a set of ZIPP 404 wheels to celebrate my 40th birthday (creeping up in a couple of months), but even that idea can't seem to motivate enough to get back to training.

Until I find my motivation again, train safe and God Speed everyone!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Picture from PAssion Run

Here's me in the final stretch of the 10km Saucony 100-Plus PAssion Run. Not sure why I look like I am scratching my back, but I do remember feeling (and looking) like a fish out of water, gasping for air in the final sprint.

I'll still feeling kinda bleh about the OSIM Triathlon and about training in general. Work is crazy this week, so I will not have time to do any training, which is just as well, given how I feel about getting back into training right now.

My sis-in-law may be coming again in Dec from New Jersey, so maybe I should go ahead and buy a set of used ZIPP 404s from e-Bay to perk me up and get my training jump started. :-)

Train safe and God Speed y'all!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Inaugral Olympic Distance Triathlon That Was NOT To Be...

I collected the finisher's medal but did not do a Olympic Distance Triathlon at the OSIM Triathlon today. There was a Category 1 Thunderstorm (i.e. high chance of lightning) mid-way through the swim start waves, and the organisers had to stop the race and pull everyone out of the swim and bike legs (my wave has not started yet, but some triathletes were actually told to stop the race midway thru the swim and bike). When it re-started, the race got shortened to a 20km bike and 5km run for the rest of us (yup, no swim) due to time constraints. :-( As you can imagine, it was not a popular decision as this was a ITU race where some of the participants were fighting for placement points.
I am feeling kinda bummed myself too - I don't think there is another Olympic Distance Triathlon in Singapore this year, so this may well mean that I have to wait one more year before I get another shot at a Olympic Distance Triathlon. Not good.
Will post more details once I am better able to collect my thoughts...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

One Day to Go...

... Before my 1st ever Olympic Distance Triathlon attempt at the OSIM Tri! So I am afraid this is one of those totally unorganised, "spill-my-guts" type of posts where I try to work thru my insecurities...

1st of all, sorry for not keeping up with my buddies on blogland. I have been too caught up in self-pity for catching a cold so close to the race, having such a late start, work pressures, etc... Yup the race is tomorrow, I guess it is normal to feel a little unprepared? This is all the training I managed to do in my 15 week training plan, sure hope it is enough:As many of you rightly pointed out, "enough" training or not probably depends a lot on my race goals, which are

  • "C" goal - Finishing my 1st ever Olympic Distance Triathlon
  • "B" goal - Finishing under 3:30hrs
  • "A" goal - Finishing under 3:15hrs

Given that I am still snorting/coughing out yucky stuff this morning, I am going to put aside timing ambitions tomorrow and just lean on Him for the strength to complete my 1st ever Olympic Distance Triathlon. It's gonna be a long 3.5 hours or so, but I am going to try to remember that this is my special "dance" for the Lord. No reason, no special sacrifice, no special occasion just something that I enjoy doing, and something that I am able to do only with His awesome blessings and protection. Must admit that I was contemplating not going for this due to my cold, the hot weather, etc... But He has healed me (just about) and He has brought clouds and rain for the entire week now, I guess I better stop whinning and get out there and do it!

And now, to end the pre-race post with a game of "Spot the Difference". Can you tell the difference between this previous picture of my bike (top) and the current (bottom)?Yup, the black plastic disk between the rear casette and the wheel spokes is gone! Affectionately known as the "dork disk" in roadie circles, it is often an indication of a newbie cyclist - "experienced" cyclists usually remove it so the bike looks "cleaner". I have never bothered to remove it, but when the mechanic at the LBS was tightening the spokes on Wed, he also took it out (in case it was contributing to the squeaking noises). So I guess I am finally a "serious" cyclist now. :-)

Okay, I betta go pack my stuff for the race, train safe and God Speed y'all! But before I sign off, I just HAVE to share with you my kids' prayers for me tonight:

R1: "Dear God, please don't let the sharks or anything bite my father tomorrow. Please don't let another swimmer doing the front crawl pull him down and swim over him [Oops, he must have overheard my conversations]. I know it is very hard, but please help him to do [the triathlon]. Please protect him when he is running and cycling because it is raining and it could be slippery."

R2: "Dear God, please accompany my Papa everywhere he goes, until he is very old and dies."

Funny how even though I did not communicate my fears to them, but they seem to know JUST WHAT to pray for! ;-)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Showers with Thunder

This is what the local Met services guys say, and judging by the weather these few days, I am inclined to believe them.

So, I could whine about:
  1. Flooded transition area.

  2. Extra murky/yucky open water swim (the storm sewers discharge out to the sea, so we have encountered branches, plastic bags and even old rusting buckets in the sea after a storm).

  3. Running in wet, heavy shoes.

Or, I could Praise God for:

  1. Cool weather - I'll rather be wet than be over-heated (race starts at 11:15am!) or dehydrated. Although it says max of 32 C / 90 F, I don't think it has passed 30 C / 86F the last couple of days. It ain't much, but a few degrees make all the difference in hot and humid Singapore.
  2. Prior experience of doing my last Sprint Tri after after a over-night storm - flooded transition area and extra murky/yucky open water swim (so I know what to expect this time).

  3. Recovery from the cold I caught - still snorting out a little yellowish stuff, but I feel much better.

  4. Kewl New Balance race belt that came with the race kit - almost bought the same thing some weeks back. (Yup, I've collected the race pack, the pressure's on!)

  5. Since I could not train (thanks to the cold), I did the next best thing -> I cleaned off all that gunk from my chain & drive train accumulated over the many months, and re-lubed everything. That *HAS* got to count for something.

  6. LBS managed to (FINALLY) locate and eradicate irritating squeak from my rear wheel - it took me a lot of persistence and 3 visits to the LBS, but they finally narrowed it down to the spokes on my rear wheel (GASP! Was I about to break my wheel?). The mechanic tightened the spokes and *hey presto!* no more irritating squeak! Sometimes, it pays to be PERSISTENT.


Thanks so much for the prayers and words of encouragement. Train safe and God Speed!

Monday, July 23, 2007

I've caught a cold

Not sure if it was the day at the zoo in the pouring rain, but I managed to catch myself a cold.

6 days to the OSIM Triathlon.... :-(